This is where I’m supposed to tell about me. Hmmm.

Not much to tell but here goes.

I’m retired.

I’m happily divorced and have one child in her thirties who is married to a wonderful man. She is the light of my life.

I have one cat (indoors only) that makes me crazy. I love her bunches but don’t always like having her around. For example, when she gets under foot and almost makes me fall flat or when I’m trying to read a book and she wants in my lap. (She is a big cat so doesn’t leave a lot of room for a book.)

I like reading and gardening and Scrabble and reading and crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles and movies and dinner with friends and reading and shopping for junk. Did I mention that I like reading?

I worked in the corporate world until about 20 years then for a publisher that specializes in HR and employment law, safety, and environmental subject matter. Though my corporate job(s) were in management and HR, I now spent my time with the publisher managing content on a couple of websites, which I liked. A lot.

Enough about me.

Just read the blog, you’ll get the picture. : )

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