One corner of my tiny condo garden, 2009.

A pretty peony bloom from my garden.

My beautiful baby girl.

Downtown in my home town.

Another view of downtown.



Another peony from my garden.

My iris, 2011.

My columbine, 2010.

My climbing rose - just starting to bloom, 2012.

A close-up of the climbing rose, 2012.

The opposite side of my tiny garden, 2012.

Another corner of my tiny condo garden, 2011.

Last corner of my garden, 2011.

My home office.

Another view of my home office (used to be the den).

Last peek at my office.

The staircase my nephew and I rebuilt - one spindle at a time.

Another view of the project from hell.

My lovely kitchen. Yep, I installed that beaded board wainscoting and hung that wallpaper all by myself.

Another kitchen view.








2 thoughts on “Pics

    • Not too much. About every third or fourth day in the Spring and Fall and every other day in July and August.

      Glad you like it, I’m really pleased with the climbing rose this year. A little pruning in early March did wonders for it.


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