WordPress ate my post!

I’m so ticked!

I just wrote what was probably the most brilliant post I’ve ever written, all about how I’ve not a thought in my head and when I clicked “preview” it disappeared!


It was gone. Nothing left but the title — I’ve got nothing! — great title, huh?  I thought so too.

Now what? 

I can’t remember all the gems of wisdom that flew from my fingertips, so I guess I’ll just have to go with Plan B.


I have to go to a big HR conference for work in a couple of weeks and am trying to decide whether to finally spring for an iPad or lug around my 5 pound MACBook for 4 days. I’ve done that a few times and, let me tell you, it gets pretty heavy along about the middle of the second day.

So, if you have an iPad, please let me know what you like and dislike about it. The temptation to get one is getting to be almost overwhelming.

Then there’s the other little conference problem I have.

Shoes …

I’ve done a 4 day conference in heels and I’m never going to do that again. It was way back in 1994 but I still remember the agony my toes suffered all in the name of looking stylish and professional.

Anyway, choosing flats is a given but which flats? The ones I wear around the office everyday? They’re okay but I’ve actually worn them to a 4 day conference and, even though they’ve been resoled, I’m pretty sure about half way through the second day (I’m beginning to see a pattern here), my feet will hate me.

I just realized that I’ve had those shoes since 1997. I know this because I remember wearing them at a big conference in 1998 where I had to work the booth. They are the sweetest little pair of Antonio Melani loafers with the softest leather ever. They’re black so they go with everything. But, as much as I love them, they’re killers after a few hours of trekking through a convention.  So, what to do?

I know — Keds!

You can never go wrong with Keds.

All I have to do is get a pair of black slip on Keds and I’m all set. Then again, those hot pink skimmers are pretty nifty, too.

So, do you think a bunch of HR types would think me too terribly weird if I show up for the big conference in hot pink Keds?

Might be fun!

Definitely a conversation starter. I’m just guessing, though, that I probably wouldn’t be included in any of those conversations.  LOL!

Shopping … ugh!

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point or other, I started to really dislike shopping.

I’m not talking about shopping for something specific like a ladder or a lamp for my office. I’m talking about window shopping, browsing for fun, strolling the mall to see what’s new — that sort of shopping.

I can think of about a gazillion things I’d rather do with my time, including going to the post office. Shopping is tedious unless there’s something specific that I need to find. But, as with most things, there is an exception or two.

First there’s junk shopping. I can spend a ridiculous amount of time prowling around junk shops, flea markets, antique stores, etc.  Junk is fascinating. What makes us buy something then a few years later discard it? (Okay, I do have that thing about switching sofas every few years, so never mind.)

Second is Internet shopping. I can spend half a day on Amazon. And, then there’s Muffys.  (They have saddle shoes. Real ones. In brown or  green as well as black.) Then there’s Greenleaf. I tracked them down after a vacation in Charleston where I found the best sachet — honey and orange — pure bliss for my sniffer.

You can find almost anything you need online. I was looking for those long sock things you see in front of the freezers at the supermarket one day and after only about a half hour of searching — bingo — PIG. (In addition to Absorbent Socks, they have a fun & games page with the Match game, Morphing Sparky, and Mind-Reading Swine. Ya gotta’ see it!)

So, what brought all this up? I made my annual Spring pilgrimage to the local mall a couple of days ago and found a great sweater, but not in my size. Of course, the clerk called around to their other stores and found one for me. So now, I have to go pick it up tomorrow at the “big” mall about 30 miles away. I dread it. Too many people. I haven’t a clue where this specific store is in that mall. It’ll take forever. Yada, yada yada.

I really like that sweater, though.

Guess I’ll just have to tough it out.

If you don’t hear from me within a week, send out a search party ’cause I’ve gone on a shopping spree!