Ah, youth!

Recently, I was tagged in this pic on Facebook and it made me start thinking about my misspent youth. Or maybe I should say my misguided youth.

We were a ragged bunch, all hair and “hippy” clothes with not a penny between us. I’ve lost touch with all but a couple of them, I’m sad to say. Some moved to other places and had other adventures. Some have died. Others just drifted away.

Or, maybe it was me that did the drifting.

Would I want to go back to those days?  Not really, but it might be nice to see some of them again. To find out what they’ve been doing and if they still have the same guiding principles they had back then. I can’t help but wonder how many ended up in the corporate world working for “the man,” though we all said we never would? How many are blessed with children or even grandchildren? How many followed their dreams and still do? How many remember me as I remember them?

We were silly and sincere and determined and really just chasing rainbows for the most part.

Or, maybe that was just me.