Age is as age does — sort of.

Some say that age is a state of mind.


If that were true then every fifteen year old in the world would be as grown up as he or she thinks himself or herself to be.

Age is what it is. If you’re 50, even if you think you’re 40, guess what — you’re still 50!

Some say they feel like a kid even when they look more like a kid’s grandpa or grandma. I get it. Everyone wants to feel younger, healthier, more agile, quicker, slimmer, sharper, happier. Some of us, though, want to be and feel who we are, how we are, when we are.

It’s okay to be 50 when you’re 50 and, yes Junior, it’s okay to be 15 when you’re 15.

Enjoy life as it comes and embrace every age as it happens.

It’s all good.