What’s up with the new look!

I’ve wasted a good part of the afternoon changing the look of my blog.

Can you tell a difference?

Maybe not.

You probably don’t remember that it had a pale apple green border with a pic of roses from my garden at the top … yes, no?

Doesn’t matter.

You see, I’m torn. I like it okay … for today and maybe another day or two (my guess is that I’ll be right back to the same-old same-old soon enough). Aside from that, I can’t tell if it’s really fuzzy or that my eyes (cataract surgery is in May, yahoo!) are just seeing it fuzzy.

So, why did it take so long to get the new look together?

Once upon a time I was a graphics designer — way back when it was all cut and paste — so every now and then I can’t resist the urge to dabble a bit. I have all the mod cons for today’s world of graphics, including: a MAC, PhotoShop, InDesign, etc.

I am not, however, so hot at using them.


I get caught up in all kinds of quirks in the software and it takes me forever to get the job done. For example, this new image was a combination of Word, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Word? Long story. Forget I said that.

What matters is what you think of it.

Do you like the new look? Hate the new look? Don’t give a big rat’s …

Let’s take a poll!

10 thoughts on “What’s up with the new look!

  1. Hi … it is fuzzy as a graphic designer i would guess you used an online image and blew it up to big … or if you made it yourself you have created in too low res … BUT fair play for giving it a go and trying something new …change is good


  2. I hear your pain. I changed my blog around a bit — not the template but the background color and moved some things to pages to declutter. At the end of the day, all that matters is what you write! I liked your old look but this isn’t bad. I have to get used to the vivid red though but I will. What’s important is that you like it.


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