5 Things I Love About Mad Men

Mad Men

What is it about the TV show Mad Men that made so many of us eagerly anticipate its return?

I don’t know why everyone else is happy that it’s finally back on the air but I know why I am, and here are a few of the reasons why . . .

  1. It’s back on the air — finally! (Sure took long enough.)
  2. Visually, it is stunning! The set decorators nailed the mid sixties — perfectly. (Trust me, I was there, I remember what it looked like.) Roger’s office is a classic!
  3. Betty Draper is nothing like June Cleaver! (No cleaning the house in a shirt dress and no pearls.)
  4. The lawnmower episode!
  5. Don Draper is nothing like Ward Cleaver! (He’s flawed to perfection.)

And now I have to wait a whole week to see it again!