Ollie, how could you!?!

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I can’t say that I’ve had so much to do that I didn’t have time to blog but I can safely say that I had absolutely nothing worth putting pinkies to keyboard.

Hmmm. That sounds awfully negative, doesn’t it? Let’s see, what has been going on in my little world?

I went to SHRM. Big convention of HR folks. Walked, walked, and walked some more. Sat, sat, and sat some more. Ate, ate, and ate some more. Slept for about a minute.

What is it about hotel beds that makes it next to impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep? Is it that they’re too hard, or too soft,  too lumpy, or all of these things? I’m betting on all of them. The bed in my room this trip, though, was soft. Not good for my back which is why I’m sitting and walking a little bent over.

It’s really just a minor irritation but added to the swampland of emails I’ve waded through today, it’s been a cruel price to pay for four days away from the office.

Speaking of cruel prices to pay …

I had to board my cats while I was away. When I picked them up, the vet said that Ollie tried to murder Emily so he had to separate them to keep her safe. Ollie probably blamed her for being stuck at the vet’s for four days. Regardless, I can’t have one cat scared to death of the other one. Anybody want a cat?

He’s pretty. He has blue eyes. He only weighs about 15 pounds. And, he’s only mean to Emily … unless he wants in your lap. Then, he can be pretty ruthless, shoving his way on.

The bottom line is …

Emily has dibs on life at casa Good Old Girl. Isn’t she pretty? Such a sweet girl too! Only bites them that ask for it. I worked at home today and she’s been following me around. Ever since I got home yesterday, she hasn’t been more than a few feet away from me.

Seriously, Ollie is outa here if he doesn’t shape up and stop being a bully. Nobody likes a mean kitty.

Are you listening to me, Ollie? It’s way past time you learned to play well with others. You’re eleven years old for pity’s sake. 😉


17 thoughts on “Ollie, how could you!?!

  1. Ya can’t kick out an 11 year old kitty! It probably was the stress of being away from home and you. I usually get a cat sitter to come in and feed/clean litter when I am away. This year I am not sure what I will do. Jake needs shots and he won’t come out for the sitter. He is a tall cat so he won’t be happy in the vet’s cages either. I am looking for a place where he can have a “run” cage similar to a dog run instead of a small cage.


    • When the vet explained to me what had happened, Emily was just coming out of sedation, I couldn’t help but wonder if Ollie was just trying to see if she was alive. When I asked him about it, he said that she wasn’t knocked out, just woozy, so Ollie had to know she was okay.

      Over the years, they’ve had some very loud, very hissy-spitty, fights in the middle of the night. Some have been so loud, they’ve woken me from a sound sleep. A couple have been right on top of me while trying to sleep. At one point, I thought Ollie was trying to really hurt Emily but everyone, including the vet at that time, said they were just mating. (Klingon style, I suppose.)

      Anyway, now I really am concerned about Emily. She’s been bulimic for years, she weighs just barely five pounds, and I think that maybe she’s been bullied by Ollie for a long time. They both have their claws and he’s had a few swollen lips in the last few months. I don’t know what to do at this point except watch over them and see what happens.


      • Can you separate them in your house when you are not there? I had another female cat that Jake did not get a long with. Jake was twice as big and even without claws he could hurt her (don’t get real sympathy for her though. She was a tough cat that few could get along with.) Eventually, I had to keep her upstairs with a gate. I hated every minute of it but there was nothing else I could do. She eventually died when Jake was about 6 and he gets along with the two females I have now.


        • Emily is pretty good at holding her own. She’s small but very quick and has hiding places that Ollie can’t get into. I’m sure she’ll be okay. I’d have to luck up and find a super good home for him if I really wanted to let him go, which I don’t, he can be a real sweetheart.


  2. It’s nice to see you with anything you have to say. They are beautiful cats. I would love one, but my husband is bitterly against them. Must have been some cat incident he is too scared to talk about.


    • I can’t say that I blame him. They really can be a nuisance. I didn’t set out to have two of them but when Emily was about 3 months old a coworker needed to find a home for a stray. I was working 60+ hour weeks back then and thought it would be good to have another kitty to keep Emily company. It’s been a crazy ride ever since.


  3. We’ve had a cat living with us for at least 3 years now, and our 2 Scotties STILL think he’s some sort of invader (and try to kill him as a result) each and every time he comes downstairs – and he’s bigger than they are!


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