. . . how does your garden grow?

Gardening is a joyous activity.

It doesn’t make any difference whether its flowers or a veggie patch, planting seeds and watching them grow is rewarding in many, many ways.

I usually plant only flowers in my small patio garden but this year I planted a squash and a watermelon as well.

So far, I’ve harvested one batch of squash and have about a dozen more that will be ready to pick by the end of the week. I also have three tiny watermelons that are about the size of my pinky finger. I can’t wait for them to get big enough to harvest.

I think that next year, instead of morning glory, I’ll plant pole beans on my trellis.

Hmmmm, next year’s garden will have squash, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon. All I’ll need to add is cornbread and iced tea for the perfect Southern meal.

6 thoughts on “. . . how does your garden grow?

    • I have one flower bed that is about 2 by 10 feet and, among other things, it has 1 crepe myrtle, about a dozen iris, 5 sunflowers, 1 morning glory, 4 lilies, 1 pente, something purple that I can’t remember the name of, 1 squash plant, 1 watermelon vine, 1 clematis, a clump of black eyed susan, 1 knockout rose, and one climbing rose. It is jammed full and I love it. So, just pick out a corner, claim it as yours and plant whatever you want.


    • A community garden, now that sounds like a good idea. My little spot is 2 feet by 10 feet so not room for much but I’m having fun with my squash. and can’t wait for the watermelon to get big enough to eat. I like that pumpkin idea too. thanks!


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