Somebody ‘gets’ my gibberish!

Yesterday Sunday, after a long day of doing practically nothing, I finally checked my blog only to learn that a very generous reader had nominated me for two blogger awards.

I have to say, I was completely bowled over — speechless even. (I know, hard to believe.)

READNCOOK, the kind blogger who bestowed these awards on my mishmash of  random thoughts, made my day. In her post, Recognizing Others, she comments that one of the things that makes blogging rock is the way bloggers support one another. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t mean about the awards, which are really nice for sure, it’s the comments that really get to me.

It matters to me that folks take time out of their day to read what I have to say and send me a note to let me know my words touched them in some way. Whether my post made them laugh or cry, isn’t important. What matters is that we connected in a very human way in a time when more and more people seem to feel isolated and alone.

I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter some wonderful people since I started this blog three months ago and now I can pass along to them a hearty dose of the recognition that has been so graciously bestowed upon me.


Don’t be mislead by the name of this blog, it’s not just about books and food. It’s also about art, beauty, health, history, humor, life, pets, relationships, teaching, and travel — an eclectic mix of many of my very own favorite things. So, be sure to check it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

The awards …

The Liebster Blogger Award rules are:

  1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.
  2. Nominate five blogs with less than 200 followers.
  3. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.
  4. Add the award image to your site.

1. A huge THANK YOU to READNCOOK for honoring my blog — Good Old Girl!

2. The five blogs I nominate for this honor:

3. Done!

4. Done!

The Sunshine Award rules are:

  1. Include the award logo in a post or somewhere on your blog.
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers.
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. Logo shared (it’s up there, on the right)

2. Ten things about me:

  1. What is a favorite childhood memory?
    Catching lightning bugs with my cousins then letting them all go in their room and waking up the next day to a screaming uncle who ended up having to repaint the room.
  2. What is a real fear you have?
    I’m claustrophobic.
  3. How would you describe yourself?
    A silly girl in old lady disguise.
  4. What states have you lived in?
    Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Alaska
  5. What is your style?
    I’m supposed to have a style? Okay, jeans and a t-shirt.
  6. What is your favorite breakfast food?
    Eggs, biscuits, and gravy.
  7. What are some of your hobbies?
    Reading, writing, gardening, needlepoint, embroidery, anything with hand tools.
  8. If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say?
    Have faith, be honest, and play nice.
  9. What is one of your passions?
    My daughter — being a mom.
  10. What is the one truth you have learned?
    Nice guys really do finish last.

3. Fabulous bloggers I nominate for the Sunshine Award:

  1. As Long as I’m Singing
  2. I’m Not Lost, Just Weird
  3. Jensinewall
  4. Kloipy Speaks
  5. Life in the Boomer Lane
  6. Not Quite Old
  7. Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings
  8. Preacher’s Wife in the Know
  9. Subtle Kate
  10. Views and Mews by Coffee Kat
  11. When All Is Said and Done
  12. Ziplight

4. Done!

5. Done! But, here’s one more link to READNCOOK just in case you missed it earlier.


Runaway Keyboard

I’m an avid reader. Always have been. Always will be. Except …

I can’t seem to get this blogging thing out of my system. I was sure it would die after a few labored posts and then I could get back to the book I was reading. I only got into this on a whim and a push from my kid sister anyway.

So what gives? Why can’t I keep away from this keyboard?

I spend all day on a computer at work and now at home as well. It’s too much!

My fingertips have calluses!


[Deep breath.]

Okay, so I spend a lot of time on a PC at work and a MAC at home. Yep, I’m a MAC fan. (Not the point.) The point is that this blogging thing is interfering with my all-time favorite pastime — reading.

I have a stack of books, sitting over there on the shelf, watching me as I type. I can hear them calling to me. (Help me! Help me! They sound just like The Fly. The original Fly with Vincent Price, not the new Fly.)

I can feel Amazon trying to get my attention up there on the bookmarks bar.

I feel the need to read!

But, here I sit — blogging. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) It’s fun. I enjoy blogging. I just didn’t realize when I started that it would take over my life and I’d turn into a “stats” hound — 495 hits and counting. Okay, so that’s not the highest number in the world and lots of other bloggers have much, much better stats than me. So what. Don’t care. I like my stats. They’re mine and I’m keeping them. So there!

[Deep breath.]

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, I have brand spanking new, shiny, glossy magazines to read. Haven’t touched them other than to bring them in from the mail box. Had to tear myself away from the blog to even check the mail box. Now, that’s just awful, though, not as bad as the snarly looks I’m getting from my two cats Emmie and Ollie. Bet they can’t even remember what my lap is like.  It’s not that I completely ignore them. I do feed them and tidy their box. (Yucky chore. When they’ve gone to cat heaven, I will never have another cat. A dog, maybe, but no cats.)

And, let’s not talk about the housecleaning that’s gone by the wayside. If I don’t wash some dishes pretty soon, I’m going to be eating soup from the can. Is it that you can put cans in the microwave or that you can’t?

Oh, well. Details.

Now, that the frantic urge to create a post (pure dribble though it be) has passed, I can go back to reading my book. It’s a good one. Long. But good. Has dragons in it. Did I mention that it’s a five-volume series. I’m on the third book in the series. Well, I should go now.

Okay, gone now.


Now, what did I do with that can opener?