Goodbye Fred

Our reliable old friend is gone.

Fred was always there when needed, day-in and day-out for 18 long years — he lived with me for eleven years and then with my daughter for seven. Sure, he had a few mishaps here and there but he just kept coming back strong, dependable, always on course, never-failing to amuse, eyes forward, always between the lines.

Ah, the memories …

There was the time we got lost out in the boonies.

Then there was that incident with the milkshake. (Chocolate milkshake spilled in Jeep, not pretty.)

Fred, you were such a good sport that time we loaded you up with mulch. (In bags but still smelly.)

And, the Christmas trees — I’ll never be able to smell pine without thinking of you, Fred.

Good times. Good times.

We mourn the loss of Fred, old reliable Fred, and cherish the time we had together.

Goodbye Fred and don’t forget to write!


Hello, new kid on the block!

Wish it was mine, but it’s my daughter’s.

Sniff, sniff.

(She’s such a copy cat!)

Then again, she now has car payments and I don’t!


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Fred

  1. When I moved back to Ireland I had to leave my little red citrone behind, Hexle (little witch as she had a temper) . She had a massive bump in the side and I painted a witches broom over it, made me look as if I was sitting on a broom flying around. I gave her to a friend and she drove he till last year … but i do miss her at times


    • Ours had 248,000 miles on it but was starting to have mechanical issues so we traded it. Jeep makes great vehicles, though, and when the time comes to replace my Beetle, I’ll probably buy a Patriot or Liberty. Just wish they’d bring back the basic Cherokee, though.


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